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Starfruit Paradise

Take an all-inclusive trip to the tropics with Phyto's Star Fruit Paradise 510 cartridge. If you've never tried Star Fruit before, the best way to describe its flavour is sweet and tangy, similar to a kiwi or pear, complemented with a sour citrus undertone. Our product development team masterfully recreated this exotic flavour profile using all-natural terpenes and combined them with our potent THC distillate. Now you can bring paradise home anytime.

510 Carts

THC: 80 - 90%

Hardware: 1 x 1.0g 510 Ceramic C Cell Cartridge

Formulation: Phyto Classic Distillate

Extraction Method: Cryo-Ethanol

Flavour: Star Fruit / Sweet / Citrus

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